Biggest Little City
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    Couple sitting at Wingfield Park

    Photo Credit: Darron Birgenheier

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    Service Dog, Nala, at the Truckee River

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Alumni Comments

"I thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience, and have already shared some of the knowledge I gained with friends and co-workers."

"...these workshops have been quite informative and interesting."

"Perhaps with the knowledge gained from the RCI sessions, all attendees will become good-will ambassadors for the City of Reno ."

"The entire course was extremely valuable for me both as a citizen and a professional who interacts with the City of Reno ."

"Reno Citizens Institute is a great opportunity to really understand our city's government and interact with citizens that pursue an active voice in our community."

"What a wonderful experience."

"I wasn't aware of how unaware I was. I have learned more about the 'what is where' in Reno and 'who is who'."

"This is an excellent way to promote an informed citizenry."

"RCI is one of the best run programs the city could offer to educate it citizens. This class should be adopted by every government agency to promote better understanding of government. Civic responsibility is the obligation of every citizen."

"I didn't expect the program to be as open and sharing as it was with all of the different departments. I am very proud to be a part of this wonderful community!"

"I had a great time, learned so much, and met so many people."

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